17. A Reflection on Holy Friday (2012)

Today is the day when Christians take time to reflect upon the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. Recently while I was doing just this, and I began to think about all the Christians who have been killed because of their unconditional embrace of Christ. They, like Christ, prove that Christianity is all about sacrifices and the intentional distancing of ones self from safe harbors and comfort zones. In his large catechism Martin Luther made it clear that we are to shun the treasures and comforts of this life and place our confidence in our relationship with the living and true God. Like the blood of Christ which enlivens our souls, the blood of the martyrs enlivens the convictions of the faithful. Therefore, through the sacrifices of Christ and his martyrs we are given an example on how uncompromising our faith should be.

As we journey through this day, let us make note of anything in our personal lives that prevents us from sacrificing ourselves, which is our reasonable service, and commit our strengths to removing it from our lives. In closing, I offer this reflection by Oswald Chambers, “Sanctification means to be intensely focused on God’s point of view. It means to secure and keep all the strength of our body, soul, and spirit for God’s purpose alone.”

Written by Dave Pflueger April 6, 2012 © copyrighted by Pflueger


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